When you are in need of dumpster or debris boxes, you need to know what type is good for you, as well as their sizes. On the market, you can find standard types, but some companies offer rather an unusual one. To understand better these differences, we are going to compare them for you and give you the best possible solution for your garbage disposal.

Difference between green and black dumpsters

Green dumpsters are used for cardboard and paper as well as general garbage. They come in different variations and styles, such as loading dock, counterbalanced. They can have wheels or no.

Dumpsters And Roll Off Debris Boxes

On the other hand, large black dumpsters are used for garbage or compostable. They have a big size, so they are very convenient if you need to dispose of a huge amount of garbage.

Size of dumpsters

People often make mistakes when renting dumpsters because they don’t know what size do they need. We are going to clarify that for you.

Contractor beside dumpster at home renovation site10-yard dumpster – the volume of this dumpster is really small, ten cubic yards. It will do a great job if you are doing the general cleaning of your home.

15-yard dumpster – used for small projects, they don’t have a lot of space. If you are thinking of remodeling only one room in your house, the this is the right solution for you.  The volume of this dumpster is 15 cubic yards.

20-yard dumpster – the most commonly used dumpster, people tend it for medium construction projects. It can hold 20 yards of cubic material.

30-yard dumpster – if you are doing some major construction projects, then this size is ideal for you. It can support 30 yards of cubic material.


40-yard dumpster – this is the largest dumpster, with extreme sizes. It can support large remodeling of the houses or major construction projects. Its volume is 40 cubic yards of garbage.

Debris boxes

They are a bit smaller than a regular dumpster; that’s why they have found a great purpose in every household. We have 10, 14, 20 and 30-yard debris boxes. They are very convenient from small to medium remodeling and garbage disposal. Their volume is indicated by the numbers.

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