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Arizona state dumpster policy

Arizona is a state that takes care of their citizens, keeping the environment clean and preserving natural resources. Considering a dumpster policy every city in Arizona is obligated to have one. Here are the most common obligations citizens must obey.

Household trash

Very house accumulates a lot of trash during one week. That’s why everything must be secured inside of the plastic bag, tied and disposed into a dumpster. This includes papers, cans, and garbage. In this way, citizens and supporting and easing the work of dumpster companies, but at the same time preventing the garbage from splitting off and polluting the area.

Hazardous materials

This includes needles and another bio- dangerous materials. They must be placed in containers which are marked as dangerous substances. You can dispose of them in containers only if you apply this procedure.

In any other case, you will be held responsible if someone gets hurt because of your reckless behavior. This matter should be taken very seriously because people tend to throw away all sort of things into dumpsters.

Large furniture

Considering a large furniture, such as chairs, tables, sofas and other household accommodation should be put into dumpsters and not beside. Some cities have the policy, if your trash can’t fit the garbage bag, it shouldn’t be put in a dumpster. Also, some companies will charge the disposal by the piece.

State Building

When you are remodeling your house, ask the company where you purchased the furniture to make the disposal of your old one. If they can provide that service, you will need to find another arrangement.

Citizens safety

Residents aren’t allowed to remove any items from the dumpsters. If you think that you may have lost something, politely ask a dumpster company to retrieve it. Safety of the citizens comes in the first place.

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